About: Why Leverage My Brain to Get Amazing Content

Hi, I’m Joseph. I live, breathe, and dream writing so you can focus on running your business without ever worrying about your content.

Thanks to my crazy journey, I see it as my duty now to empower people through first-rate writing, because I want them to crush their goals even if they don’t have the time or inclination to write.

I love to craft sparkling content that impels readers, and to use my storytelling expertise to persuade and move people to action.

My Background

Through my writing, I’ve helped some 300 clients—from students to CEOs—across the US advance their careers. I’ve written content for several online publications on business, technology, health, career strategy, and other topics.

I have a B.S. in business management and lots of computer and data science credits from BYU-Idaho. I can research the most technical topics and create SEO-friendly content.

I’m blessed with a gift for grammar and spelling; I often spot errors out of the corner of my eye. I can do it with native fluency in English and Spanish.

But I’ve learned that rules alone don’t make a great writer. What does is the ability to craft a message that resonates with readers and gets them to take action.

That’s my focus.

My Story

Growing up in Chile as a Chilean-American, I was always writing something. My teachers used to commend me for my squeaky-clean grammar and rich vocabulary. In Spanish.

But I wanted to write in English. And I didn’t speak it.

I tried hard to master it, but school and occasional practice didn’t cut it.

I moved to the US when I turned 18. And what a rough start I had.

At my first job, HR got involved when I offended a coworker because the word I used didn’t mean what I thought it meant. I was so embarrassed to admit to a language deficiency, I just promised it wouldn’t happen again.

I had my daily dose of mistakes and misunderstandings. But I also had kind college professors who noticed and encouraged me: A Ph.D. in English, a professional journalist, a theater practitioner. They loved my work.

So I labored away every day for years. And it paid off.

Today, when I reveal my origin, people often say something like, “Wow, I never realized English wasn’t your first language!”

Few things give me more gratification than writing something that influences the reader’s life in some way.

In English. Or Spanish. They’re both the same to me.


Myers-Briggs says I’m an INFJ, the rarest personality type: I’m an intellectual with emotional acuity. I also have perfect pitch—but don’t ask me to play any instruments.

Let’s Connect

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