Enjoy reading a few samples of my work written for businesses and other organizations.

Brand Messaging

Professional Branding


This is a sample of the many professional bios I wrote for a counseling center serving hundreds of clients in a major metropolitan area. The result

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The Story of Joe’s Dough

Two thousand and twelve was the year the world didn’t end. What a great thing, because that’s also the year I baked my first sourdough loaf.

A baker with a rye bread boule


Tech in business

Why Do Companies Invest in Business Intelligence Applications?

The business intelligence market around the world is forecasted to grow from $23 billion in 2020 to $33 billion by 2025. Are you prepared for the

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Tech in business

What Is the Intelligent Proxy and Can It Stop Malicious Attacks?

Every day and night, there could be endless malicious attacks trying to compromise your internet-connected devices. If you don’t have the proper security, you’re vulnerable to

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Tech in business

Top AI Trends for 2021

In 2019, market intelligence firm IDC projected that global spending on AI systems would grow by more than 2.5 times by 2023, from $38 billion to

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Tech in business

Take the Cloud With You: A Guide to Edge Computing

Over $43 billion. That’s how big Grand View Research predicts the edge computing market will be around the world by 2027. Have you heard of edge

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Software development

Troubleshooting: How to Debug Microservices on Kubernetes

Forty to 90 percent of total software product costs happen after launch. Sure, part of that is simple maintenance, such as app hosting, support, training staff,

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Mental health

The Incredible Benefits of Early Intervention for Children With Autism

Approximately one in 54 children have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with the number nearly tripling since the year 2000. That’s more than one child for

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How to Write Marketing Blog Posts Your Clients Will Actually Read

You’ve experienced the frustration. You pour your heart and soul into writing that special blog post. You’re excited about all the value that your clients will

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Health and wellness

5 Lifestyle Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure

About 108 million adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure—that’s nearly half of all adults. But only about a quarter of them have the

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Computer history

The Incredible Legacy of the Game-Changing ZX Spectrum

Can you believe the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is approaching its fifth decade in existence? The ZX Spectrum (pronounced “Zed-Ex,” if you want to be proper) made

A Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer

Career strategy

How Do I Know What to Include in My Resume and What to Leave Out?

My phone rang. I looked at the number: it was Adrian. Again. I knew what he’d say. “Hi, Adrian,” I said. “What can I do for

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Career strategy

How to Write Amazing Resume Bullet Points that Get You Interviews [Guide]

Did you know that, when you apply online for that job your heart is set on, you’re competing with an average of 249 other applicants? You

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Career strategy

7 Tips to Conquer Job-Search Burnout

You’ve been at it for weeks. Months. Sending application after application, with little to no response. And it’s starting to get to you. You’re not alone.

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Business regulations

ADA Requirements for Wheelchair Ramps and How to Meet Standards

If you’re a business owner with a public-facing building, you need to comply with ADA requirements for ramps, but do you know what they are? If

The International Symbol of Accessibility

Product Descriptions


French-Style Artisan Sourdough Bread

After slicing this bread, pause for a moment to appreciate its healthy color and smell its nutty, slightly tangy aroma. Then take a bite and notice

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Technical Writing

Software documentation

GameGenerator Documentation

GameGenerator (GG) is a simple 2D game engine for creating Flak games in Python. It provides a customizable game environment for pedagogical purposes, freeing you from

An anti-aircraft cannon near Dover Castle

User’s manual

Lifetime Silencers User’s Manual (PDF)

A trifold pamphlet included with every purchase of a suppressor. Designed, researched, and written by me.

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Linked (PDF)

A help-averse woman suddenly develops permanent, invisible weighted gym chains around her shoulders, and she must get them off before they tear her life apart.

Title and author of the screenplay for Linked