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This is the subheading that explains why you hire me.

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"Grow your content without growing your stress." "Need more content but can't write?" If possible, have target keywords in the header so people see immediately that you offer what they're searching for. ## Customer questions your home page answers: * Keep it short and sweet; make it punchy 1. What can you do for me? Header copy states your brand name and unique selling proposition Header also great place for CTA buttton 2. Why should I listen to *you?* What makes you unique? What's your mission? Why are you the one who can help me? Include short description of you and your story somewhere 3. What makes you legit? Social proof 4. What do you do? Explain it here, even if you have it on another page Also explain the benefits of what you do to the customer 5. Where do I start? If you have a lead capture on your homepage, make it visible in multiple places throughout your copy, not just header or footer You could put your CTA somewhere in the middle, or you could use a sticky CTA bar CTA should be highly relevant to USP from header copy 6. Why should I stick around? Make it really easy to get to other featured pages from your homepage Show your social media and content platforms so they can explore your brand ## Value: - Good at figuring out people's jobs, however technical they may be. - I do marketing for resume clients, bio clients, and article clients. - Psychological aspects of writing to paint a vivid picture and tell a story. - Amazing editing skills, the only thing in life I'll brag about; gives me a sense of meaning. - People have to live with what I write for them; it has to convey exactly who they are to their audience. - Experience with web and collaborating with audiovisual materials teams. - Can convey complex ideas to any audience; taught Young Engineers