French-Style Artisan Sourdough Bread

A bread boule sliced in half

After slicing this bread, pause for a moment to appreciate its healthy color and smell its nutty, slightly tangy aroma. Then take a bite and notice the contrast between the crackle of the crust and the softness of the crumb. Follow the complexity of flavors, which evolves as you chew.

And you can do all this while knowing you’re incorporating a wholesome bread into your healthy lifestyle.

We’ve developed this slow-fermented sourdough over several years to reach just the right balance between flavor, texture, and nutrition. We let this dough ferment to full maturity to achieve a complex flavor profile with a hint of tanginess while breaking down much of the gluten and phytic acid, thus making the nutrients in the grains more bioavailable to your body.

The low pH of this bread gives it a longer shelf life—4 to 5 days or more at room temperature. Here’s a secret: The taste keeps maturing until day 3 or 4 after baking, so, if your loaf is lucky enough to make it that far, toast and voilà! Best taste and texture combination.